The following proposals have been selected to be presented as demonstrations at NIME 2011 (in submission order):

  • Marc Evans, Michael Wilson and Björn Erlach. Tüb – Interactive Sonification of Water Waves
  • Yasuo Kuhara and Daiki Kobayashi. Kinetic Particles Synthesizer Using Multi-Touch Screen Interface of Mobile Devices
  • Christopher Carlson, Eli Marschner and Hunter Mccurry. The Sound Flinger: A Haptic Spatializer
  • Ravi Kondapalli and Benzhen Sung. Daft Datum – an Interface for Producing Music Through Foot-Based Interaction
  • Charles Martin and Chi-Hsia Lai. Strike on Stage: a percussion and media performance
  • Duh Chun-Yi, Wu Si-Xian and Tseng Yu-Chung. “Sound. Live” – Interactive City Soundscape Installation
  • Edgar Berdahl and Chris Chafe. Autonomous New Media Artefacts (AutoNMA)
  • Min-Joon Yoo, Jin-Wook Beak and In-Kwon Lee. Creating Musical Expression using Kinect
  • Baptiste Caramiaux, Frederic Bevilacqua and Norbert Schnell. Sound Selection by Gestures
  • Jan Trutzschler. Gliss, an intuitive Sequencer for the iPhone and iPad
  • Jiffer Harriman, Locky Casey, Linden Melvin and Mike Repper. Quadrofeelia
  • Johnty Wang, Nicolas D’Alessandro and Sidney Fels. SQUEEZY: Extending a Multi-touch Screen with Force Sensing Objects for Controlling Articulatory Synthesis
  • Souhwan Choe and Kyogu Lee. SWAF: Towards a Web Application Framework for Composition and Documentation of Soundscape
  • Norbert Schnell. Playing the “MO” – Gestural Control and Re-Embodiment of Recorded Sound and Music
  • Bill Verplank and Francesco Georg. Can Haptics make New Music? – Fader and Plank Demos
  • Yu-Chung Tseng, Che-Wei Liu, Tzu-Heng Chi and Hui-Yu Wang. Sound Low Fun
  • Konstantina Orlandatou and Pieter-Jan Maes. SteeringCosmos
  • Staas De Jong. Making grains tangible: microtouch for microsound